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Attack On Titan MOD

cHuGaLaefoo proudly presents:


My very first VPX table, based on my favorite show of all time, Attack On Titan!


Table features:


- A whopping 15 banging soundtracks from the show, changeable before every ball launch using the flippers.
- Fully voiced sound effects by Levi Ackerman from the dubbed version of the show.
- Easy to achieve center lane multiballs
- Hard to master loops and left lane shots
- 5 Titan challenge modes
- 6 ball multiball wizard mode
- And more!


I fell into the rabbit hole of table modding after messing with the pup music videos from TeamTuga's Monsters of Rock.


I then became hooked, and spent a few hours at night for over a month redesigning and retooling everything.


This table is a full re-theme of JPSalas' Mago de Oz, with influences from Pedro Peres @TeamTuga's Monsters of Rock. Special thanks to both for granting me permission to mod their tables!


v 1.0
- Initial release!


- No rom needed
- B2S and wheels can be found in my other downloads
- Pinup Popper media files all included and curated in the zip file


Now that that's out of the way.


If you have Attack on Titan available on your streaming service, do yourself a favor and go check it out (subbed version is far superior cause dubbed can sound a bit cheesy and cringey during some moments).


Now I know what you're thinking.




If you think all anime are just cartoons for kids... well... you'd be right 95% of the time.


But this isn't one of those times.


If you've never watched an anime show in your life, this is the perfect first one to get into.


Centuries ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called Titans. In a last effort to save humanity, three enormous, circular walls were constructed and mankind sheltered within, seemingly safe from the flesh eating giants.


Within their enormous defensive walls, 100 years of peace passed without a single titan breach. But one day... that fragile calm is shattered when a colossal Titan manages to rupture the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations.


Our story follows Eren Yeager, a fiery, strong willed teen who joins the survey corps, an elite military unit together with 2 of his closest friends. Together, they journey outside of the walls to combat the titans, and to discover truths that have been lost to mankind for a century.

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