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Stargate SG1 (Original)


Dear friends, this game-flippers that I created  (or update) is for FUN ONLY, and above all for FREE,
which is downloadable ONLY, in  this site Vpuniverse,and PinSim site.
If you see it on other sites, know that it was against my will, and consequently it could be usedfor profit purposes,I urge you not to compromise with users or owners of incorrect sites,which require some type of specific action to download this game.


Based on the Stargate-SG1 series.I created this table, without Bam staff, but in the future I will update this to Bam, so for now I publish this version with the standard physics of Fp, for a test in this site.


The rules are very simple ....

1) Ramp-left-low: enter all the blocks and open the gate.
2) Ramp-right-low: attacks the lords of the system.
3) Ramps at the top: defeat the lords of the system.
4) Jaffa Attack: Hit all blue targets.


Some options you can activate by pressing the keys:

"G" if the ball is stuck in the bumpers.
"H" hud-desktop on-off
"K" selects the DHD system mode, automatic or manual.
"L" activates the DHD system.
"M" choose the music you prefer.

PS: Sorry i added the library via "media file" i forgot to insert them in the table downloader!!

Note: table and library (here below) they must be together, i.e. in the same folder to work properly. Thanks and sorry!!!




Have fun!!!




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