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VRRoom T.K.O. (Gottlieb 1979)

It is a hybrid table. You can play it in FS, DT or VR.


The original table was made by BorgDog.

I would like to thank BorgDog for allowing me to use his table in a VR room.
Thanks to Rascal for an easier way to incorporate the reel into older EM tables.


The playfield had poor quality. Therefore I have redrawn it almost completely. I also reworked the Plastics.


There are 16 LUT files in the table. Here's how to change the lighting.
Hold the left magna-save button and click the right magna-save button to change the LUT file.


I have integrated the backglass; no external BG is needed in VR.


You can change the DIP-settings by pressing F6 after starting the table.


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