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Johnny Mnemonic (Williams 1995) 1.0.0

This is a hybrid table. So you can play in DT, FS or VR.


What happened so far...

A few months ago, someone asked me on Facebook, if I could convert the "Johnny Mnemonic" table to VR.
Although I prefer to do the older tables of the 70s and 80s, I started with the table.
Unfortunately, it has the wrong dimensions and therefore many objects are not correct. 😒
So after a short time I lost interest in the table and dedicated myself to other projects.
But since I had the table on my hard disk, I made it playable a few weeks ago and wanted to upload it as it is.
Shortly before that, I read a message from @Sixtoe, that he will completely rebuild this table.
Thereupon it was clear to me, that my upload will be only a bad copy of it and I didn't upload it.
Again, several weeks have gone by and it doesn't look like @Sixtoe will have JM ready anytime soon.
This guy is involved in so many projects. No idea, when he sleeps. 😉
But since his release is not expected for a few weeks or months, I have now decided, to upload this version.
It is playable. And if you don't know the real table, you might not notice the wrong dimensions.
I don't like the physics, but I don't want to change them.
But since I have no further interest in the table, there will be no support for it.
If you don't like it; just wait for Sixtoe's release.


The table is made by Delano; the original table is made by Ninuzzu.


I would like to thank the following people:
Delano for the permission to mod this table and Ninuzzu for the original table.
And everyone I have forgotten. Please send me a message, if you think, I have forgotton you.


There are two VR-rooms: the minimal room and a sphere.
You can change them in line 37 in the script.


With the magnasave-buttons you move the dataglove up, down, left or right.

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