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Blackout (Williams 1980) - Schlabber34

Blackout (Williams 1980) SBR34


Complete rebuild from scratch! Bord managed to get a complete set of scans including the playfield (thanks Chris)! The table dimensions and layout are as accurate as possible thanks to those scans. All posts were positioned on the corresponding holes in the PF scan.


A big thanks goes to Bord! I could not have done this without him! He made working on this really easy for me! Thanks my friend!


I also want to thank UnclePaulie for making this table VR-Ready! Options are in the script! I love that BG!


Also a big thanks to Chris, iaakki, rothbauer and Rik for the help! I know all of you guys are busy!


Thanks to 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX! I used my mod of his table as a base for this one!


You can change the LUT's by pressing the magna save buttons!





bord – scripting, DT background image and scores, prim animations, texture swaps, physics and countless other things......


Chris - playfield scan


UnclePaulie - VR implementation, LUT selector


iaakki - scripting assist, physics fixes


rothbauerw - scripting assist, physics fixes


hauntfreaks - plastics colour correction


Rik - play testing


Schlabber34 – new table layout, renderings, Youtube gameplay analysis, physics



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@gaming the link might have been broken by the recent maintenance @Dazz did.  You can get to the file through the downloads page, or by going into @Schlabber34s profile and checking the submitted files section.

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2 of the 5 NFL tables I uploaded needed reuploaded also.

The Rams and Bengals table were approved right away, but the other 3 weren't approved until today for some reason.

Thats when someone wrote in comment section that Chiefs table download was not working.

I checked and sure enough it wasn't downloading file.

So I reuploaded Chiefs, and checked the other 4 tables, and found that the 49ers had same problem, so I reuploaded it also.

Looked like they both had a file that was 427KB in size, so I knew something was amiss!!

Carry on.

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