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There are a few ways to answer your question:


First, this is actually an update of the version currently on VPF - looks like some more DOF code was added to the script.


Second, plenty of authors chose to upload to both sites. (I had originally only posted the 2 tables I had at the time to VPinball, but the site shut down. So you can't count on one site necessarily being "enough" forever).


Third, loserman shared a Google Drive folder with all his updated tables shortly before he passed away. He had started updating everything at VPinball, but I believe he was literally in the middle of the process when the site closed, so very few people had a chance to download any of the updates. The admin of this site got permission to upload all of the table updates from the folder he shared as a tribute after the community learned of his death.


Hopefully at least one of those responses answers your question

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