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[New VP10 Alert] Twister (Sega 1996) with VR Room

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Twister (Sega 1996) with VR Room

After the VP competition a few weeks ago, there were several errors reported on Twister (Sega 1996).  I updated all of those errors, and since it was open... I did LOTS of updates.   The version that was played, I had done about a year ago, and only did a VR room option, Fleep sounds, and VPW physics.  


In Version 2.0, I've now updated to the latest physics, slings, Lampz fading routines, 3D light inserts, dynamic shadows, flupper flashers and bumpers (modded), major GI updates, shadows, playfield mesh, and a complete redo of the ball trough and multiball lock trough.  Also gBOT (global ball on table) is used throughout to improve performance.  I've also changed the desktop background, as well as VR updates.  I created a 3D fan model in blender, and then reused the animated fan blade and code from Flupper's whirlwind.  There are several other updates, and there are several options as well.  It has been converted to VPX 10.72, based on recommendations from the VPW team.  VR Room, Desktop, and Cab are now automatically chosen.  In the options, you can change the bulbs to white or blue, VR Rooms, and other items.  


Thanks to the VPW team for testing, especially tastywasps, apophis, bord, sixtoe, leojreimroc, and the feedback from the community on the VP competition!


This table works for desktop, cab, and VR Room.



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