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[New VPVR Alert]Fireball VR Room (Bally 1972)

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Fireball VR Room (Bally 1972)

This is the VR Room Conversion of Pinball58's Fireball table.


My notes for 1.0 were lost when Vpinball went down.  But here are the changes for V.1.1


 -Fully integrated Backglass, Reels and Flashers.  B2S file is no longer required with V1.1.  Thanks to Arconovum for the reel code.

- Added 360 lava room and minimal room.  Original Living room is still included (thanks again to Rawd for a better version of this room)

 -Change rooms with MagnaSave buttons.

 -Added Ball Shadows (Huge thanks to Rawd for help with this)
 -Further slight adjustments to lighting.  Dimmed pop bumbers slightly.  A few other tweaks.
 -Replaced backbox and resized the cabinet
 -Animated Flipper buttons and added start game button (also animated)



-Room choice will save upon exit.  It will remember your choice when you re-enter the table (Thanks again Rawd!)

-Clock now works.  I had forgotten to recopy the code after a VPX crash.

-Clock, fireplace, and arcade will turn off when not in those rooms (helps performance)



-Cleaned up a few parts of the script

-Resized a few flashers (ball in play, Tilt)

-Fixed the credit reel not always updating in every circumstance

-Fixed the player reel flashers not lighting at the right times.


A Special thanks to:

-Sixtoe for his advice and recommendations while first converting this table.

-Rawd for his help with shadows, room switching and for testing the table (and finding flaws!)

-Arconovum for the reel code

-UnclePaulie for his great backglass guide

-Arvid for the 360 sphere element and the guide on how to use it

-3rdAxis for the Rock floor assets





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