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[New VPX Alert]Hot Tip (Williams 1977) – v1.0 – S34

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Hot Tip (Williams 1977) – v1.0 – S34

An almost from scratch build of my first ever upload! Big thanks to Herweh for his incredible stuff, and another special thanks to 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX!!



- Herweh for the incredible saucer physics, scripting all moving parts, SSF sounds and reworking the rest of the script! Thanks, man!

- 32assassin for bringing this table to VPX! I used his table as a base for all of this.

- Mlager8 for his incredible Apron redraw!!

- Poppote for his ultraclean original artwork. Made the 8k upscale alot easier!

- Bord for the shooterlane image and playtesting!

- BorgDog for the wood image!

- Thalamus for playtesting and kicking everybodys ass in the forums!


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