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[New VP10 Alert] halloween

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play the first 3 balls empty.
the table will then initialize.small adaptation
extract the folder music  in the music folder of visual pinball.

other improvement in the future, depending on my free time.

just for fun , little script.

the light show is looping in a voluntary way. if you decide to have a more traditional light game, proceed as for eddy.


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fun layout!


here's some code to rotate through the music but have not tied it to the game start stop


'Start the music
'End Sub
'Sub Table1_Paused:Controller.Pause = 1:End Sub
'Sub Table1_unPaused:Controller.Pause = 0:End Sub
Sub MusicOn
Dim x
x = INT(3 * RND(1) )
Select Case x
Case 0:PlayMusic "elvira2.ogg"
Case 1:PlayMusic "elvira3.ogg"
Case 2:PlayMusic "elvira1.ogg"
End Select
End Sub
Sub Table1_MusicDone()
End Sub
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The double flippers were bothering me. So I cut them out but it looked too flat as a single colour and gradient so I did a simple copy paste.. Little clone brush. I'll do a better job later... Too late at night to test on my cabinet but it did look ok in desktop.


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Got the b2s to run with this code from the WW thread. 

Dim Controller
Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server")
Controller.B2SName = ("B2S FILE NAME HERE")

I mean I still don't have a score. but it's a start.

Genuine question: What is Shiva Engine? because doing a cut/replace with the code snippet above doesn't work for me.

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shiva engine is a kind of pre-established table (bonus, multiplier ....) for those who do not have the desire or the knowledge to code a table ....

all the routines that make up a pinball are coded

it is necessary anyway to adapt the shiva with its own table in particular rename the active elements (lights, trigger, flipper, target .....) like those of the shiva.

but the simplest is to find another table with identical characteristics (there must be plenty of this kind) and obviously rename the active elements .....

otherwise you can recover a script of EM (basic) without rom (original) and add 2/3 multiball, you will have a table with an interest of play.

toutes les tables , je les ai faites à l'arrache sans me préoccuper du script , seulement le look et l'architecture , le script vient après.

je peux faire des scripts  pour jeu simple ,  les modes demandent un peu plus de temps , ils viendront après.....le plus ennuyeux sont les lumières (elles sont nombreuses). il faut creer de nombreuses collections...

apprendre  a coder , est un divertissement très sympa et formateur....

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