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  1. fastdraw


  2. ?? the pf ? only click on the image , and save as.... (3013x5590)
  3. rulesheet : http://tiltforums.com/t/stern-tmnt-rulesheet-early-wip/6599 important P.S. : there is a small kicker (size 8 on the PF) ; I used it as a control point for the ramps. it is to the right of the left ramp, near the target.? for the next: van door opening done. and I got a better pf, x2 in resolution. and as usual, there will be a minimalist and generic script, with multiball of course. especially for those they want to play in portrait or cab mode. because in dt it is imperceptible, because the human eye has too weak a separating power
  4. View File TMNT wip adaptation stern to do : animation van (multiball , petite finition rampe, quelques decalcomanies..) freeplay , to do SCRIPT full ....? Submitter fastdraw Submitted 06/08/2020 Category Visual Pinball 10 - Tables ROM Name Link to B2S Link
  5. Version wip


    adaptation stern to do : animation van (multiball , petite finition rampe, quelques decalcomanies..) freeplay , to do SCRIPT full ....?
  6. ok , c'est curieux qu'il n'y soit pas !! je le retrouve et je le renvoie... c'est un tic-tac ( chronomètre compte à rebours)
  7. for central ramp create an invisible ramp and activate or deactivate with instruction: ramp.collidable = 0 or 1 version FSS :
  8. next update with better pf (3151x5398) , natively high resolution pf, almost 8k and deleting the hologram. too much cpu cycle (bad holo looping). vpx not performing enough, maybe with future vpx 11 (mkv?) to evaluate your system, open task manager (options ==> always visible), and open performance tab pour évaluer votre système , ouvrir gestionnaire de taches (options ==> toujours visible) , et ouvrir onglet performance and launch vpx
  9. View File Demogorgon evolving script. to complete according to your imagination cpu cycle to optimize I will use pup for the next update, for better video results should be considered wip the physics of the central flap, presents anomalies in collision. collidable at the beginning of the slope, but more in the middle !! ?? the 4 DT will lower if they are all hit Submitter fastdraw Submitted 01/04/2020 Category
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