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  1. it would be a nice Christmas gift. you use mpf or only pinmame ?
  2. thank you for the link and after reading you have to press the alt key, then right click the mouse and move it (up to the desired zoom, very soft and progressive zoom)
  3. comment calibrer le facteur de zoom de la souris? (roue centrale) Je suis au grossissement maximal, si j’augmente le cadran central d’un cran tout disparaît. J’aimerais avoir un grossissement (doux et progressif) comme image vectorielle. s’agit-il d’un problème matériel ou logiciel ? Quelle souris recommandez-vous ? Le . Je n’ai pas ce problème avec rhino 3d
  4. Great the circle is almost complete ..... I look forward to the next update.
  5. a very slight flex of the rubber on impact of the ball, and the animation would be perfect. la flexion est tout aussi importante que la détente , c'est ce qui confère à la bille sont aspect sauvage (imprévisible). L'ajout d'un facteur delta aléatoire , permettrait un rebond non conditionné , ainsi ne pas ressembler à du billard. on the other hand, the flippers do not automatically return to the low position. in terms of simulation, we are getting closer to solidworks
  6. Version 1.2.0


    table jouable en wip ; en élaboration les mini pf (tour et spinning disk). script orienté multiball bam 337 IMPÉRATIF adaptation de Stern
  7. It starts to take shape. some prefab are not yet operational 100 % (slingshot and kicker) for those who do not want a pinmame, should take as an example pinball creator , for the creation of missions, multiball and the gamelogic , sort of prefab script, so no coding knowledge of any kind. the use of dx12 is still tricky. the light sequencer and rainbow is still not integrated. (except for those mastering C #) too bad for those who would like to see a nice demonstration of the performance of unity. when launching a table , no dynamic camera by default, you have to create it yourself. big improvement in workflow the lights or gi can be selected in batches (hierarchy), for a global adjustment. except that it are mixed, the gi should be with the gi and the inserts with the inserts. like this:
  8. test simulator smartphone . and drastic drop in build size. 140mo per table !!!!!!!!
  9. +200 pinballs in a games room ? not even afraid for unity.
  10. must put the lights in a single directory, itself at the root of the table, otherwise we cannot batch edit the multiple lights. unless we unfold the whole tree and select the lights one by one (it's too bad). ditto for GIs with better visual control than the light explorer. BAD WORKFLOW GOOD WORKFLOW
  11. for shaders and lights and fx effects and of course the animation undoubtedly, but certainly not for the 3d (rhino 3d) is very much superior to unity. same blender for free solutions. (there is a close partnership with). ue5 final will be released in a few months. vpe on ue5 would be good too
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