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TX-Sector (Gottlieb 1988) SG1bsoN Mod 1.1

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About This File


I am pleased to finally present to you this major overhaul of the amazing TX-Sector table from Gottlieb.

This has been my first project working together with the super talent members of VPW, Thank You to everyone that contributed!
This mod would not exist in it's current form without your help along the way


Thank you also to the original table authors (balater, Bigus1)


Changes in V1.0

  • Lighting Updated
  • PF Shadows Added
  • Upper Left Flipper Shadows Added
  • New Side Walls
  • Dynamic Drop Target Shadows Added
  • PF UpScaled And Partial Redraw
  • Added PF Sides to Cut Outs
  • Added Wall Under Lockdown Bar For VR
  • Animated Flipper Buttons And Plunger In VR
  • Apron Lights and Trim Added
  • Iakki, Apophis, and Wylte Dynamic Ball Shadows Added
  • Nfozzy Physics Added
  • Fleep Sounds Added
  • Rawd Easy Grab VR Room Added
  • New Backbox Created For VR
  • Fixed Wire Ramps In VR
  • PF Insert Primitives Added
  • PF Insert Lettering Re Drawn
  • Moved Ramp Decals Behind Ramps
  • VR Room Options Added (Full Room, Ultra Minimal Room, Choice of 2 Backglass Images)
  • Added Rawds VR Bubble Level
  • Resized Flippers And Inlane Wires To Correct Dimensions, Added New Plunger Cover (Thanks BorgDog)
  • Iakki (Adjusted Flipper Angle and Physics)
  • tomate (Created New Plastic Ramps)
  • leojreimroc (Added VR Room DMD)
  • General Help And Guidance (Sixtoe, Iakki, apophis, Rawd, Lumi, Wylte, Rajo Joey, Bord, Thalamus, PinStratDan, Uncle_Paulie)




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