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Sorcerer (Williams 1985) w VR Room

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sorcr_l2 ROM Name
UnclePaulie Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1985 Year

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Earlier this year, JP Salas gave me permission to modify his Sorcerer table.  Back then I added the VR conversions needed, as well as updated the VR backglass (thanks to Hauntfreak's backglass image) and did all the GI and alphanumeric displays in the table itself.  Also added a fully animated/flashing VR backglass. Sixtoe assisted at that time with the GI intensity on the bumpers. 


Since then, I've done significant updates in version 2.0 and now 3.0.  3.0 includes 3D inserts and lots of lighting and other improvements.


If you are playing in VR, you need to go into the script options and select VR_Room = 1.  Desktop and Cab are now automated.


Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, posters, topper, LUT settings, ball brightness, cab side rails, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit


Also in the script, you can choose to use two different versions of the ROM.  It's defaulted to version 2. (https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=889)


Version 3.0 Updates include:


- Added 3D inserts

- Updated lighting and GI brightness and fading routines.

- Added the latest VPW physics, sounds

- Added sling corrections

- Some other various fixes done, including flippers still being activated and others

- I also updated the desktop backglass as well as the VR backglass and other VR options.

- There are also some performance improvements

- All changed are documented in the script:


For completeness, this is what was done in version 2.0:
- Desktop, Cabinet, and VR hybrid modes
- Fleep's sound package
- nFozzy / Roth physics and flippers.  
- Modified the table, sling, and flipper physics
- Updated to the new ramprolling sounds by fluffhead35.
- Added the Iakki, Apophis, and Wylte dynamic shadows solution
- Updated the drop targets to the solution created by Rothbauerw

- Corrected the Demon / hold bonus light error
- LUT and ball brightness options
- Added additional VR options and updates
- Rawd added glass and scratches option for VR users
- Updated to include significant work done by Bord for GI, ramp primitives, playfield, flasher blooms, and more.
- Added several other tweaks for physics, flipper tricks, etc.  
- Testing done by Bord, Lumi, PinStratsDan, Rawd, Rajo Joey, AstroNasty, Sheltemke, iaakki, apophis, RIK, Sixtoe, Rothbauerw, and several others on the VPW team.



Thanks to everyone that helped!

v10.6 required

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


Changelog to version 3.0:

- Significant updates have been done once again.  I felt this table deserved the latest VPW standards, as well as 3D insert primitives.  Here's a description of what's been updated in version 3.0:

- Fixed flippers still being activated after a game ends.
- Automated desktop and cabinet mode.  Still need to manually select if in VR mode.
- Ensured the ROM sounds were activated (others mod tables turned PINMAME sounds off, and didn't turn back on when exited)
- Redid backdrop image for desktop mode (not as busy).  
- Updated to latest Fleep Sounds.  
- Added Apophis sling corrections, and updated the physics.
- Changed code for ALL VPW physics, dampener, shadows, rubberizer, bouncer, rolling sounds, etc.
- Completely changed the trough logic to handle balls on table
- No longer destroy balls.  Use a global gBOT throughout all of script. Will help eliminate stutter on slower CPU machines
- Added groove to plunger lane, and small ball release ramp to get up.  
- Reduced the number of dynamice sources to improve performance.
- Updated the use of the TargetBounce collection for usage on targets.
- Added updated standup targets with VPW physics, original code created by Rothbauerw and VPW team
- Added GI brightness to all targets, balls, rubbers, screws, apron, plunger, and the VR backglass
- Added updated playfield and insert text for 3D inserts
- Updated to Lampz lighting routine by VPW.
- Adjusted all the insert light intensities, fade, falloff, heights, colors, etc.  
- Added insert light blooms
- Added option for cabinet side blades
- Added VR Topper, VR Posters/flyers, and VR Cord/outlet
- Added new Williams flipper primitives and had added GI levels to them
- Modified the bloom shapes and intensity and color per Apophis recommendations.
- Added some ball reflectivity of GI and playfield per Apophis and nFozzy recommendations.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The best version of Sorcerer around on VPX as far as I know. As good as it gets!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I didn't know about Sorcerer but I just can't stop playing it since UnclePaulie released it. To maximise scoring is quite complicated and it takes a lot of concentration and skill to get it right. I love the ball and responsive flipper interaction that allows for so much control of the ball.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I love this era of pinball and you absolutely nailed it!  This is a must have.

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Effing love this!
I adore this era of tables and Uncle Paulie has knocked it out of the park again with this one.
Theme is right up my street, all hail 80s swords and sorcery!
Really satisfying table to play, some cool scoring and shots on here.
For sure a 'just one more go' table. 
Great job and many thanks!

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Was already great ... then another version update. Wow just love the table and everything you've done to it. Thanks for all the time and attention to detail that went from making this even more amazing. Great example of what you can do with the tool given the effort.

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Can't believe you've managed to inject that much more greatness into v3.0, eye popping and tingles all senses. Top notch table.

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As good as it gets, especially if you're a by-product of the 80's.  Sublime!  

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This update makes this awesome creation even better. Uncle Paulie your the man!!! Your tables are awesome!!! I hope you know how much people in this community love your work man!

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Wow! Looks beautiful, plays beautiful, sounds beautiful. Thanks to all that contributed. This will get a lot of play :)

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Thank's for this table, i love the gameplay and the art from Pam Erickson.
Nice to play this one on VPX !

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Really very pretty, congratulations. Thank you very much 

UnclePaulie 🤩

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Thanks, for a great pinball.
This one was missing in my cabinet so is posted as this week's pinball.

Keep up the good work.

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I've had so much fun trying to learn this one. The goals are pretty straight forward and easy to follow but the lanes are tight and it's pretty unforgiving. That lock ramp is a real challenge for me.  Very well done on this one @UnclePaulie!  This table really captures the essence of the sounds and feel  from an 80s arcade. 

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Holy crap this a is a sexy ass table! Very well done! I never knew I wanted this table until now!

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Wow, another table that you have brought to life. Both versions (VPX and VR) look, play and "feel" fantastic. Oh, and thanks for the ROM sound tip, I had no idea that Aliens was causing it.

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Really nice update. The table looks and plays great. Thank you!

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Looks sharp. Plays well. Very smooth. Lots of fun. Well done. Thanks!

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This looks stellar - this is a new table to my cab as well so thank you UncleP!!

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