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Sorcerer (Williams 1985) w VR Room 2.1

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About This File

Earlier this year, JP Salas gave me permission to modify his Sorcerer table.  Back then I added the VR conversions needed, as well as updated the VR backglass (thanks to Hauntfreak's backglass image) and did all the GI and alphanumeric displays in the table itself.  Also added a fully animated/flashing VR backglass. Sixtoe assisted at that time with the GI intensity on the bumpers. 


Since then, I've done significant updates in version 2.0 to the table including:
- Desktop, Cabinet, and VR hybrid modes
- Fleep's sound package
- nFozzy / Roth physics and flippers.  
- Modified the table, sling, and flipper physics
- Updated to the new ramprolling sounds by fluffhead35.
- Added the Iakki, Apophis, and Wylte dynamic shadows solution
- Updated the drop targets to the solution created by Rothbauerw

- Corrected the Demon / hold bonus light error
- LUT and ball brightness options
- Added additional VR options and updates
- Rawd added glass and scratches option for VR users
- Updated to include significant work done by Bord for GI, ramp primitives, playfield, flasher blooms, and more.
- Added several other tweaks for physics, flipper tricks, etc.  
- Testing done by Bord, Lumi, PinStratsDan, Rawd, Rajo Joey, AstroNasty, Sheltemke, iaakki, apophis, RIK, Sixtoe, Rothbauerw, and several others on the VPW team.


In the script options you MUST choose values for VR_Room, or Cab_mode.  (The default is desktop mode of zero values).  If you are using a full cabinet, VR_Room = 0, and cab_mode = 1.  Desktop mode they are both zero.  


Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit,


Also in the script, you can choose to use two different versions of the ROM.  It's defaulted to version 2. (https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=889)


Thanks to everyone that helped!


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