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South Park Pinball

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Remdwaas1986 Created by
2021 Year

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howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdy ho! 
First of all i wanted to say that i love you all! I don't care what background you have, how you look, what skincollor or what religion you have, everybody is human and everybody is the same for me! 
The reason i wanted to start like this, is because of the southpark toilethumor what i love, is really hard sometimes and people are sometimes offended by it. 
If you feel offended, it is not my intention. These are just audio and comments/ jokes from the TV-serie!
taken above in mind, 100% Parental Advisory! This table contains:
All religions
Kim Jung-un
parental advisory graphics      
I was looking on IRPinball and found:
Skyworks South Park 0.90 Online game remake SnowLeopard 10/21/02
Comedy Central South Park Pinball RC2 Online game remake Cold1 8/5/02
i loved the gameplay, so i tried to find the authors but cold1 is already not active anymore after 2012 and i cannot find snowleopard.
I also asked Popotte/Noah but they are not active anymore, so normally i ask aproval and i have also used sound's from this original table from almost 20 years ago!
Round of thanks:
Thnx to tartzani for helping me coding the moving target, skillshot and other things when i'm stuck
Thnx to JP for explaining to me the battles(didn't got the bar working) and the moving target and helping me with other things when i'm stuck.
Thnx to godisnotthere for making the main b2s background, topper, dmd underlay and extra logo.
Thnx to usr1983 for making a awsome logo again.
Thnx to Rik and Nailbuster for testing out the table!
This is an original table, with everything included in the vpx file, and it doesn't need any external program to run. It can be run in desktop mode and in FS mode. The DMD will rotate accordingly.
With 10 million, 20 million and 30 million you will get an extra ball.
For this table i build a couple of own 3d-objects(sp church/towely/phillip/terance and moving shots/standing 3d objects). I also used a couple of objects from Knorr's southpark table.
S-O-U-T-H-P-A-R-K - 500k and the bonus multiplier for this and this multiplier will also increase everytime without a maximum.
M-O-O - you will get 50k and the bonus multiplier will increase till a maximum of 6 in thes lanes (also you hear the first time moo and the second time moomoo till up 6 times)
the triagle light that moves under the moo trigers is for extra points
A-N-A-L - 50K
K-E-N-N-Y - 100k and own multiplier that will increase everytime without a maximum. Activates kenny special for 1.000.000 points x chef multiplier
School Missions(use flippers and plunger key to select a mission)
MR Hankey - collect 5 poopies
Find the Clitoris - hit 5 clitoris to enable the boss clitoris
dey took 'er jerbs!! - find 5 garbage backs to send the people from the future back home
change the flag - collect 5 south park flags to scare away the KKK and change the southpark flag
save ike - hit 5 aliens to save him
collect starving's - find 5 starving marvings everyone want one!
chef aid - find 5 condoms to whore chef out to the womens
school supplies - after the lawsuites there are no supplies, collect 5 markers
Budha - find 125 gram coke
jesus - collect 5 holybooks
muhammad - collect 5 holybooks
krishna -  collect 5 holybooks
joseph smith - collect 5 golden tablets
Lao tse - collect 5 chinese latarns
seaman - collect 5 flippers
moses - collect 5 VHS
Kenny Missions(use flippers and plunger key to select a mission)
song 1/12 - Collect 3 music notes to complete the song
Terrorists 1 - Hit both terrorists 1 time to unlock Saddam
boss Saddam - The boss is invincible first shoot the 2 dildos to make him vulnerable and then hit the boss, do this 3 times to complete 
Terrorists 2 - Hit both terrorists 2 times to unlock Hitler
boss Hitler - The boss is invincible first shoot the 2 nazi flags to make him vulnerable and then hit the boss, do this 3 times to complete 
Terrorists 3 - Hit both terrorists 3 times to unlock Osama 
boss osama - The boss is invincible first shoot the 2 camels to make him vulnerable and then hit the boss, do this 3 times to complete 
boss clitoris -  The boss is invincible first shoot the 2 clitorisses to make her vulnerable and then hit the boss, do this 3 times to complete, which enable kim-jung-un. 
Defeat kim-jung un - The boss is invincible first shoot the 2 bombs to make him vulnerable and then hit the boss, do this 3 times to complete
Kick the baby - This is a ballsaver for the outlanes when it hits the slingshots it moves to left and right, you can choose this again after using it.
if you hit 5 times the church the battle will begin between good(jesus) and evil(satan). You need to hit the gates with the character above it. 
if you hit 6 times the gate with randy and the turkeys while there is no mode playing tegridy farm will start, hit the 5 weed leafs to complete the mode otherwise you cannot play bosses or songs. Kenny will disapear and there will be a tractor for extra points.
This pin cost countless hours to build. Please leave a reply(so much appreciated) and rank the table!
Keep playing this game tegridy!

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


Version 1.2 / 01-04-2022
outhere - DOF
Remdwaas1986 - added score to the skillshot and fixed kim-jung un so there is no loop anymore.

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HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! You want to have agreat time with some friends ( no Kids) Get this table. ITs gonna have you laughing singing and cursing! its beautifully done. Thank you for this jem!

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Such a great table. Plays awesome and is hilarious.  Love it! Great work!

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One of my favorite shows, seen them all several times....at a ripe old age of 57 :) Thanks for the table, it has everything South Park has to offer, well done. I think I'll keep the Timmaaa sounds for a cell phone ring.

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