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UT99ctfGE 2.3

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OK, OK, OK! take three !
Sometimes Leo Getz way more than he asked for
I GOT THE FLAG PINBALL ! Godlike Edition


Fixed on everything since v1.0

DMD is now fully flex'ed !

Check out the Options at top of script

Media included in the download !


Big thanks to everyone tested this and given feedback and ideas :)


Perhaps you will find out for yourself what it is like to be a champion !




'*    Changes from v1:
'*    Pure Flex DMD 1.8 ( no crappy ultraDMD "simulation" anymore )
'*    SuperSnake v2 - DMD game, activate with plunger in attract mode.. fps will get very low on this
'*    2 new flashers
'*    New insert "Room of champions"
'*    Room of champions = extra missions wizard mode : 7 ramps on level 4 to activate
'*    animated the droptargets
'*    easier to get 2 droptargets at the same time
'*    bouncy targets, added to droptargets and a few posts
'*    alittle shorter levels
'*    ramp is tiny bit easier to get up
'*    more sounds added, its getting heavy over there at F2
'*    mechtilt added, i did not know about this... thanks Thalamus :)
'*    fixed 3 headshots in a row for double headshots rest of the ball( was not working at all on v1.0 )
'*    added animations doubleheadshots and invisibility minigamE, now you will know if you get them
'*    DMD will show more info
'*    new failsafe for lost balls
'*    bouncy targets, added it to some other elements too
'*    even more animation for the DMD
'*    gi improvments for the cost of 5 MB on the sideblades ( later saved almost all back by splitting the big cab primitive )
'*    more blink blink stuff added
'*    10 extra backwall lights, Sixtoe had the idea and added those, me I just adjust for hours o.0
'*    extraball added for winning first map
'*    new "ballimages", apophis wanted a brighter one and then i changed it up, quite nice and lucky result on this one :)
'*    veryshiny "Disco Balls"  
'*    crazy good ball trails !  added a few options to turn off some ball effects      0.o
'*    pwnage update, will give out more goodies
'*    added new prizes on pwnage : includes minigames on special "jackpot" and "multiball"
'*    new insert for the doubletrouble pwnage
'*    lights adjusted for the millionth time
'*    GI has a finger on most elements now.. 0.o
'*    beveled edges playfield mesh for 2 kicker holes, ball behavior gets a thumbs up.. adjusted several times, the behavior is super nice now :) almost fails is great
'*    new tripple primitives for same 2 kickers, and animated kicker arms
'*    added 2 smal blinkers at top of 2 gates
'*    Ramp ends modified with new primitive, blinks with GI/flashers and animated when Hit
'*    rubber sleeved posts animated when Hit
'*    remade the red/blue base signs, the old ones bugged me in desktop mode
'*    New liandri minigame added, with new sign
'*    new insert for the pwnage inhuman jackpot
'*    another insert for the double trouble, need 2 you know
'*    Liandri minigame sign now turns 360 with blinking text on the backside aswell
'*    godlike insert added, not easy to get many of those Lit
'*    25 ramps on same ball = extra life ... only once/game
'*    tri godlike, 25 lights, 25 ramps , ultra pwnage... each not completed will reset on next ball/extra life
'*    added "sparks" on collisions with many rubber objects on playfield ' option to turn them off.Will look like you squeeze them alittle more on top of the rubber movment added earlier
'*    Progress bar on backwall(x16), +7 collectables, some of them are very hard to get.. only to show you have gotten them
'*    smal gates on each ramp with Lights..
'*    ramp do now move abit when ball rolling on them.
'*    New layer on some plastics :) check out the slingshots and laneguides
'*    updated all posts with new material and lights up with GI. Individual BDLighting to some of them :)
'*    bumpercaps move just a little bit when hit, and put on some new transparent material. you see the ring go off under them now!  
'*    Tournament Mode : RIK wanted hardcore and here it is!   Game too easy, too long games ? try setting this to ON ! ExtraLife is no more but so are level 1 and 2 !
'*    Fixed som respawn timer possible problems. Reduced all respawn timers alittle ( invisibility is unchanged, possible need a downgrade ? )
'*    Gameover turns into a thunderstorm !
'*    Foggystuff goes away in snakegame, Playfieldlights too go off.
'*    SlamTilt added :  Hold LeftFlipper 1 second and press startgame for a "quick" restart
'*    Bumpers deluxe, Ripper for the Win !
'*    New primitive cannons ontop of slings :)
'*    ReverseShadows added with option to turn off, 4 sizes to choose from. TeamColors + whiteish for the silverballs
'*    TodaysBest do not reset until next day. Even when restarting table !
'*    Optimized many 3d mesh and made a few new ones to make the game run faster :) Removed reflection from many.
'*    109472 minor adjustments and bug fixes
'*    bigger rotating throphy ! And its more shiny and has more sparkle !
'* OK, OK, OK! take two !
'* Sometimes Leo Getz more than he asked for !
'* Based on Lethal Weapon 3 vpw modv1.02
'* no ROM is needed nor used for this table
'* db2s included
'* UT99DMD - Move folder to the TablesFolder
'* UnrealTournament - Move folder to "Visual Pinball/Music/"
'* FlexDMD is needed so go get:
'*   https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/releases
'*        Download the installer and run it.
'*   https://github.com/vbousquet/flexdmd/releases
'*    copy files to vpinmame dir and run the flexDMDUI to register dlls
'* Oqqsan                    First King Of Morpheus ! Full Script, new ramps, inserts, a finger on everything
'* Major Frenchy            Playfield flippers and laneguides gfx
'* SiXtoe                    VR-room
'* Tomate, iaakki            Nfozzy physics
'* Apophis                    DOF  +  FleepPackage
'* Testing: Hard to manage without !
'* Apophis
'* fluffhead35
'* RIK
'* VPW team
'* Features:
'* 1-4 Players
'* 750 Different Sound Files ' wrong nr on v1
'* FlexDMD
'* FlupperDomes 2
'* Nfozzy phsics    
'* FleepSounds
'* OrbitalScoreBoard
'* press "R" Will magnify Instructions
'* left magnasave  - select player TEAM color
'* right magnesave - select player main taunt voice
'* Playd alot on LW3 vpw mod and saw the potential, this table is very good !
'* If you havent still playd that one go get it, you will not be disapointed !
'* OK, OK, OK!
'* Lethal Weapon 3 table Tune-Up by VPin Workshop.
'* It all started by again by just thinking about adding nFozzy’s physics and some missing textures in the original table,
'* then we started replacing some primitives and reworking the existing ones, then the apron, cabinet, metal ramp, bats and a few other things were replaced.
'* Totally new 3d inserts. Then different lamps were added to have a better lighting of all the new baked textures and finally adding a built in VR room...
'* - New/reworked primitives: tomate
'* - Baked ON/OFF textures: tomate
'* - Inserts: Sheltemke, oqqsan
'* - Scripting: oqqsan
'* - nFozzys physics: Tomate, iaakki
'* - Fleep sounds: apophis
'* - Flashes & Lighting Overhaul: tomate, Sixtoe
'* - VR Room and fixes: Sixtoe, 360 Room by pattyg234.
'* - Miscellaneous tweaks: Sixtoe, tomate, oqqsan
'* - Testing: Bord, Rik, oqqsan, VPW team
'* This release would not have been possible without the legacy of those who came before us, including most notably, Javier for the original vpx table, EBisLit for the new playfield image and 32Assassin for the rework. Thank you.
'* Thanks to Flupper for his beautiful domes and Bumpers caps, Rothbauerw for nFozzy physics and Fleep for sounds.
'* Enjoy!


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