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Taxi (Williams 1988) VPW Mod

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156.46 MB File Size
VPW Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1988 Year

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This mod was originally supposed to be a small one, with just adding updated physics, sound and a VR room, then everyone got carried away and the table ended up being rendered and redone and tweaked to infinity :)


Big thanks to ICPJuggla, Mfuegemann, Dark & Ben Logan for the original table.


VR and other options are all in the script.



*** V-Pin Workshop Taxi Drivers ***
Tomate - Project Manager, including new primitives, textures.
Bord - nFozzy flippers and physics
apophis - Fleep sound, rtx shadows, general tweaks.
Sixtoe - VR Stuff, lots of fiddling about.
oqqsan - Playfield inserts and fading GI.
UnclePaulie - VR backbox improvements & fixes.
iaakki & fluffhead35 - misc tweaks and debugging

Rik - Testing and feedback

VPW Crew - Playtesting and suggestions

' 001 - bord -  Added nFozzy flippers and physics
' 002 - apophis - Added Fleep sound package
' 003 - apophis - Added missing knockerposition prim
' 004 - tomate - New flippers prims added
' 005 - tomate - Shadows flippers size fixed
' 006 - Sixtoe - VR stuff, fully operational built in backbox / dmd / backglass, fixed loads of light and glow weirdness, unified timers, added cabinet mode.
' 007 - tomate - upper left VUK direction corrected, exits of collidable wireRamps fixed, metal wall near express lane2 fixed, cab POV corrected
' 009 - tomate - new giOn baked textures added, warm lut added, plastic Ramps textures retouched with a warm photo filter to match 
' 010 - tomate - some giOff textures aded, slingshots missing sounds fixed, deformed slings rubbers replaced by prims
' 011 - oqqsan - inserts and 4step sidewalls and pf  .. needs adjustments 
' 012 - tomate - rest of giOff textures added, plastics textures added to 4 steps fade, some GI lights repositioned, textures size optimized
' 013 - Sixtoe - Removed one set of GI, hooked it all back up and dropped under playfield, tidied up assets, set old walls to non-visible to stop clashes, played with loads of lights, removed redundant scripts and images.
' 014 - iaakki - fiddled with GI steps and PF flasher. Fixed flip shadow DP and Z issues. tied some prims to gi steps
' 015 - apophis - Replaced the ringing_bell sound effect. Increased alpha mask on PF images to get rid of insert jaggies. Increased inserts DL. Fixed BS DB.
' 016 - apophis - Added RTX BS. Fixed GI lights so that ball reflection work now.
' 017 - UnclePaulie - Animated the VR backglass flasher Lights.  Fixed the jackpot displays.  Hid the desktop / cabinet mode backbox lights. Moved ball shadow primatives.  Added a VRCab bottom so you can't see the floor through cab.
' 018 - apophis - Updated RTX BS. Added target bouncer, flipper rubberizer, and flipper coil ramp up options. Fixed ball bouncing out left outlane after ramp drop.
' 019 - Sixtoe - Fixed playfield rendering weirdly, numerous other tweaks and adjustments, adjusted some lights, put the roof back on the spinout
' 020 - apophis - Fixed RTX shadow DB issue. Chnaged rampsDecals DL from below to 0 and DB to -100. Added a differnt ball HDR. Messed with the DT mode backglass.
' 021 - fluffhead35 - Updated Flipper Physics to be inline with nfozzy
' 022 - Sixtoe - Added physical wires under flippers and outlanes, hooked up bumpers to GI system, adjust shooter lane gate, messed around the table lights again including materials, set height walls to non-collidable.
' 023 - Sixtoe - Fixed GI, added bumper bulbs to GI system, some small tweaks and fixes here and there.
' 024 - apophis - Revered the DT backglass object positions. Force GI on at table initialization. Changed flipper DB. Increased plunger strength/speed. Increased target hit volume.
' 025 - iaakki - flip trigger areas reworked, rdampen 10ms timer added, rubberizer options added, catapult timer improved, tied drop target DL to GI, fixed insert fading for few inserts
' 026 - apophis - finished up fixing inserts fading
' 027 - Sixtoe - Target bounce set to 1.5

Contact Author First.

What's New in Version 1.2.2   See changelog


' 1.2.1 - Apophis - removed ball shadow z-position dependency on ball z-position. Fixed walls_hit function.
' 1.2.2 - Hauntfreaks - New DT backdrop, and fixed up the DT lights

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· Edited by JediWizard


What an amazing table as others have said this is trully an underappreciated gem. I remember having to play this table in league for the first time and the way this look, feels and plays takes me back to that moment. 5 stars *****

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Oddly one of my favourite tables.
Beautiful work guys, fantastic attention to detail on all of your tables!
Thank you.

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Attention to detail is key when you're looking at a VPW table. If you look at the table at the small image of the faces in the middle of the screen you see the ambient lighting reflects in a realistic way. This is by far my favorite part of these tables are the little intricacies of each image on the table, it makes my brain think I'm playing a physical table. Thank you for the work your team does. Well done!

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Yet another great VPW production. I really like the warmth of the lighting and wood trim. Details are everything!

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It's starting to get monotonous, but the work you guys put into these tables is absolutely stellar!
Thank you so much.
It's really appreciated!

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One of my favourite because a friend of mine owned one. Looks and feels so good now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Wow, this one is a real classic, bravo guys. The Blender work on display here from Tomate(?) is just getting so refined, its amazing to see. Thanks for another VPW masterpiece!

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