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StarWars Bountyhunter 3.01

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Starwars Bountyhunter 3.0

B2S included, no rom needed


Thanks to VPW crew for testing and for making such nice addons in the exampletable. It was time some more of them landed on this table.
Highscore will reset on first run.


v3.0 - 4 player enabled.

             VPW exampletable features added : DynamicShadows, Targetbouncer, Ramproll sounds, Slingshotcorrections

             Wizardmode / Scoring Update !
             Ball Reflections ! Almost Everywhere
             Lower flipper power. Lock1+lock2 is on a timer 15s. Reaplied on every ramp done.
             Limits added on some features.
             Added some new sounds, new ramps, new blastdoor, new droptargets and visible kickers.
v2.2 - VR-room, TournamentMode !
v2.0 - Everything redone o.0
v1.0 - First Release


DOF programmed and fixed by Apophis :)
Orbital Scoreboard Enabled
Added 23 different ball options
Several new 3D models around the table
Redone almost everything since v1.0

Super Testing by RIK , apophis and the team at vpw :)


Install Instructions:
Move the complete folder "Bountyhunter" to /Visual Pinball/Music/
Move the "BountyHunterDMD" folder ->  /Visual Pinball/Tables/


Optional Downloads if you want FlexDMD
Table works fine without it, but you wantz it i hear ?


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