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Iron Maiden Virtual Time [IMVT] 1.0.1

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Iron Maiden Virtual Time [also called IMVT]

v1.0.1 (2020)
by Franck Hollinger (Aka Mussinger) and Herweh on Codes 

Original Table Mod based on Laser War developed by Herweh (2019)


I hope you'll enjoy this table and all the adds !

Very special thanks to Herweh to let me mod his table, for his special code scripting skills.

He added all the fun parts special for IMVT I was wishing (Ball Save, Eddie Madness mode, Fear of the Dark Mode , sound track changer, and a lot more...)

Thx for everything he helped and teached to me !!! Very pleased to work with you man !


Special thanks to Dcrosby for his work on 3D elements and lights integration help !


I don't forget everybody who contributed to the Laser War table : Schreibi34, OldSkoolGamer, Francisco666, ICPjuggla, Flupper, Dark, nFozzy, DJRobX, RothbauerW, Mark70, Thalamus, digable.


Thx to the VPX development team for the continous improvement of VP.


Big Up for my friends and beta-testers : Rik L. and specialy to Ludovic D. from MTC who support me and my craziness Night and Day !!!!


Also thanks to:

- Carlos Andre, a big Iron Maiden Fan, who helped with the Music selection and explained me part of the band story :)
- My friend David Maldonado for his daily support, graphic advises , brain storming ...
- JPJ for his help and solutions to some issues.
- Thanks to virtual pinball Facebook communities, specialy: The frenchy one "Monte Ton Cab" !! Scott's "Orbital creators club", "VP Nation", "Visual Pinball Addicts", "Visual Pinball Junkies"
- and , I have to thank my wife Vero for the hunderds of hours she let me pass in front of the computer!
... Sorry if I forget somebody :)

Trailer :


For all guys who think this it's "just" a graphical mod of "Laser War": Yes, it is BUT IT IS A LOT MORE.

Here some ideas to extend the ROM based ruleset. So we have:

– a 15-second ball save

– 7 additional targets to start a change-track-mode for the background music

– an extended multiball mode called "Eddie madness"

– some very cool surprises like "Fear of the Dark"

– maybe 40 female and male voice samples, triggered by special events during gameplay

– a very cool background music rotation mode: Just throw your music files into the "music" folder, name them like "Iron Maiden – …" and they will be included in the music rotation

– and a lot more.


Have fun and enjoy!

Release notes: 

Version 1.0.0 : Initial release


Version 1.0.1: 
- Some bugfixes and improvements 
- New voice sample for ball-1-locked 
- Voice sample changed Ball Save + Kick Save 
- New option to avoid the intro-f*** sample 
- Fixed a bug when during ball save mode the multiball was started 
- A bit of friction add on the rampe to slowdown ball return 
- Added FlexDMD support 
- Reworked the LEDs a bit



If you encounter performance issues, try to set some of the objects to "Static rendering". Open layer 7, select all screws and/or locknuts and select "Static Rendering" in the options window

Or try to disable "Reflect Elements On Playfield" in the settings.here a bit of the “Game play”

Play it some times you’ll discover things…


1 Ball Lock gives a second Ball , if you lock it quick enough you’ll receive the 3 balls multiball
if not enough quick, it unlock the 1st ball … you have to lock both to get the 3 balls MB.

When 3 Balls MB, you have Eddie Madness ready, hit the ramp and get 2 more balls , then you run Eddis Madness  mode 5 balls MB ! and get unlocked “Can I play with Madness” in the track – list ;)

After any MB mode , Fear of the Dark training will open 15s (5s more each later MB)
This gives you practice for the Fear of the Dark Mode (FotD)

FotD is hidden in the Music track change as a locked song , select it and you’ll have to play blind the full song intro of FotD (1m40s)
If you do so , you’ll win the mode and unlock the song Fear of the Dark track in the list.

To change track , shoot down the 7 yellow targets and hit the magnet.


Easter Egg : ???
In Attract Mode , when music plays (have some Credits in the machine)
hit the flippers : RRLLRRLLRL
Repare : LRLRLR
Spin Eddie : RRRLRRRL


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