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Incredible Hulk (Gottlieb 1979)

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68.06 MB File Size
hulk ROM Name
BorgDog Created by
BorgDog Artwork by
BorgDog Scripting by
Gottlieb Manufacturer
1979 Year

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This is a build of Incredible Hulk built on scans of my actual machine.  


Changelog for 2.0 version from wayback archive of vpinball:


2.0 rebuild-update

  • rebuilt on scan of my playfield
  • added primitive playfield mesh
  • several primitive updates, apron, gate bracket, tent lane guides, post nuts, etc
  • gi shadows blender rendered following @bord tutorial video
  • arch rail sound effect from @scottacus (I think ;)
  • glass hit effect, yes the ball does occasionally hit the glass on the real one to my surprise, not often but it does happen usually from high speed rolling left flipper shot to the drop targets
  • @rothbauerw ball drop sounds to go along with the glass hit stuff that I believe he also worked on, also hear at other times
  • minor updates to db2s
  • themed the way I refurbished my real Hulk, black rails, black rubbers, black post nuts, I left the old version up if you can't stand it and want white rubbers, or feel free to change everything :)
  • added freeplay option near top of script.  this functions the same way you add freeplay to a stock real system 1 by jumpering the add credit with the start button.  you may have to press start twice depending on timing of things. not enabled by default
  • some other things I'm sure.  thanks to @bord for some play testing and feedback

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looks brilliant cant wait to play this, thanks so much!

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Such a beautiful table, love having this one on the cab. Thanks Dog!

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