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Mario Andretti (Gottlieb/Premier 1995)

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andretti.zip ROM Name
Steely and Rascal Created by
Premier Manufacturer
1995 Year

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This is a VPX recreation of a 1995 Gottlieb/Premier Mario Andretti pinball machine. Big thanks to Destruk, Darth Soudiuos, and Joe for their earlier VP8 version.  Thanks to Pinball Ken for his ball collision script and sounds, and JP for his ball rolling script and sounds .  I co-authored this table with Steely. He did some masterful work on the spinner in this table along with other nice improvements. This table is a blast to play. It needs the rom "andretti.zip" to run, you will have to find that yourself.


What's New in Version 1.4.0   See changelog


Version 1.1 - Fixed rotated DMD for B2S users.

1.2 - Fixed flipper sounds so that they will not go when flippers are disabled. Fixed issue where the ball could go flying off the car spinner on a hard collision. Removed the Flasher DMD from the full screen table that nobody liked or could figure out how to move or remove. :(

1.3 - Includes lots of tweaks and fixes to the car spinner and other things done by Steely. Added more table sounds which includes louder rolling sounds.

Version 1.4 - Hopefully finally fixed the display rotation between desktop, fullscreen without B2S, and fullscreen with B2S. Enabled the 6 numeric digit display on the playfield that for reason unknown were disabled with B2SOn. Also fixed trigger on left ramp that was set to the wrong surface.

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