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NFL Bills PupPack

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2.2 GB File Size
MerlinRTP Created by
Joey Beaulieu Artwork by
Xenonph Scripting by

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About This File

Big thank you to Hawkeyez88 for creating the default pack that this is built from, as well as a bunch of help to get things sorted.

Credit to Joey Beaulieu for the DMD/PUP Overlays, thank you very much!

Thanks to Xenonph for created the updated game table v4.4

Thanks to Pegula for helping to test out some new triggers.


Please be sure to read the install notes as the game rom needs particular attention to install and avoid sound conflicts. This pack was built and tested to work with v4.4 and muted nfl.zip rom file.


* In the table script, do not forget to change the PupM = 1, this turns off the ROM sounds which will conflict with the PupPack

* MagnaSave buttons change the plastics/playfield aesthetics


I tried to add options to meet a bunch of needs without having to customize the pack.


Notable additions to this version of the PupPack

-- Muted video options

-- More consistent "Tackled" trigger events

-- Improved "First Down" trigger events

-- Improved "Field Goal" trigger events

-- Added ball locked topper callout

-- Multiple backglass options

-- Customized videos for intro/first down/touchdown/field goal/tackled/topper/topper callouts

-- Added/swapped bumpers/celebration videos

-- Effort spent to reduce audio/video events from stepping on one another

-- Fixed vsTopper callout issues


Edited by merlinrtp

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


Version 1.1
Fixed glitch that occurs after ExtraBall display preventing vsTopper from triggering
Changed Music folder/file names
Fixed option 6 Topper.mp4 load at start of game
Added more files to FullDMDVideos folder
Fixed vsTopper restart after celebration multiball triggered

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 I've wanted this since I found the NFL tables earlier this year, so great you decided to make this one!  Had a great time helping you test this and find some videos.  This Pup is so amazing! Thank you so much for making this.  Here's hoping we can do an updated version so you can call it the Super Bowl Bills version! 

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Downloaded this last week and set up on my ALP machine.  As a lifelong Bills fan, this is an incredible pack!!  Though I live down south now, takes me back to going to Bills games as a child and hearing the fight songs.  Really well done, bravo!!

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Great job on this fantastic pup pack for the Bills! You can tell a lot of time and effort went into making this. It's much more than just the default puppack with a reskin. A bunch more call outs and triggers were added for the pup pack that the default version doesn't have. And the artwork and overlays look great, fitting with overall style of the v4.4 bills table by Xenoph.


My dad also wants to say thank you so much, him being a lifelong bills fan and just starting to play pinball again with me now that my cabinet is finally finished. I was so surprised and excited when I saw literally the day after my cab was up and running, you posted this. The timing couldn't have been any better! 😉 He loves all of your video clips that play and he thinks it's awesome 😂 I also think the clips are great, with so many different videos that can play it's insane! This is one of the first pup packs I have used that has so many different clips and use of the various triggers, that I feel like I've rarely seen the same clip twice, and new ones pop up constantly! Good amount of randomization with shorter clips that makes it have great replayability.


Hopefully you try your hand at some other pup packs for non football tables, I'd love to see what you create! It seems you have a knack for this 👍. Thanks again, from my father and I.


Happy new year, and Go Bills! 🏈🏆🏉🇺🇲


Response from the author:

Thank you for the feedback and kind words, this was my first pup pack. I am a Bills fan so figured I'ld start with this game first. Hawkeyez88 made it a lot easier to learn leveraging the default pack with me adding some small extensions that you noticed. I wanted to have more videos from the 90s era but they just aren't good enough quality and took away from the rest of the theme so I nixed them. I may try my hand at making one from scratch for a different table. Go Bills !!!!

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