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The Getaway: High Speed II MOD

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115.72 MB File Size
gw_l5 ROM Name
chokeee Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1992 Year

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First of all I would like to thank the original Getaway authors (32assassin, ganjafarmer, flupper1) and Sixtoe for allowing me to work on his VR Room mod. Getaway is one of my top 5 pinball games. After I finished the High Speed MOD, I started modding Getaway. While working with High Speed, I gained some experience, which helped me in working on Getaway. Of course, as usual, many talented people from the VP community helped me. Without them, this table would not look the way it does now.


List of changes:

- nFozzy physics

- target bouncer

- new slingshots physics

- new flipper bats

- Fleep's sounds (some was replaced)

- new sleeves

- new pf flashers

- flupper's 3D inserts

- modulated flupper's flashers (modified)

- new Domes

- slingshots rebuild

- inlanes rebuild

- wire ramp textures

- metal walls textures

- some metal walls are wires now (like on Real table)

- 3D traffic lights

- huge update of VR Room

- corrected decal on metal ramp

- new playfield

- playfield GI ON/OFF shadows

- metals, walls, bumpers reflections

- dynamic shadows

- new supercharger top array lights, reflections,  textures

- big GI and lighting rebuild

- many elements added resized, replaced and modified  (screws, gates, walls, rubbers, posts, plastics etc.)

- new materials, envirnoment, ball

- high resolution apron graphics

- and a lot of little things I don't remember


Special thanks to:

- 32assassin, ganjafarmer, flupper1 (original authors)

- Tomate for sideblades, reworked metal walls, diverter, super ramp decal, super ramp holder, wire ramps and metal walls textures and much more

- RAWD for huge VR update (organized and coded VR Room, cabinet graphics, resized, replaced and animated elements and much more)

- EBisLIT and ClarkKent for New playfields

- Sheltemake for EBisLit’s playfield redraw and high resolution apron graphics

- leojreimroc for VR backglass

- apophis for modulated flashers

- Nestorgian for dynamic shadows

- Bord for playfield shadows

- DigitalJedi084 for some sounds

- Skitso for ramp decal

- sixtoe code, layers update, code, some clearing and much more

- fluffhead, apophis, Nestorgian, nFozzy for some code help

- RIK, Astronasty, PinStratsDan, Wylte, Uncle_Paulie, Lukpcn  for testing and sugestions


I do not remember many things and I am not sure who helped me in what. I hope I did not miss anyone (if that happened I should be ashamed).  Thank you again for your help and support!


Have a nice day. 


Edited by chokeee

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Always a big Fan of this Table and your Modifications ... thanks to all 🎖️

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

That is the sound of @chokeee hitting it out of the park with this release. 

If you are a fan of virtual pinball; you are doing yourself a disservice by not playing this table. 

This has always been a top 10 table for me. I am stunned with how much better it looks, feels, and sounds. 

Congratulations on a fantastic mod. 


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5/5 stars. Not surprising considering how good your "mod" of High Speed (1986) was. From the looks to the playability, absolutely amazing.

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This is a getaway! What a great improvement over previous iterations of this table. Visuals, sounds , gameplay and physics are on a next level!

The table is fantastic in conjunction with the Pup Pack by Hawkeyes for full cinematic experience.

Thank you so much for bringing this creation to us and all the hard work! Much appreciated:



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