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Metropolis Reborn

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251.55 MB File Size
Genesis ROM Name
Funkatron101 Created by
Premier Manufacturer
1986 Year

2 Screenshots

Modification to Genesis SG1bsoN Mod.


(Almost) Complete retheme to the source that inspired it all! 

- New (higher rez) graphics

- Altered lighting for B&W/Sepia tone

- 16:9 Backglass included

- 1 screen desktop mode option

- Custom music options (Selectable with RMagnaSave)


JPSalas - VP9 table
nFozzy - 3D assets and VPX conversion
Inkochnito - Dipswitch settings

Daniele Danko/Black Heart Models - 3D render of Robot False Maria on Backglass

Special thanks to everyone who worked on it before me. They did all the hard work!

Original Source

v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog



- Score in Desktop mode should appear now. (Let me know if it doesn't)



- 5:4 Backglass with score for cabinet users

- Notes for how to mute rom sound/add edit custom music

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This looks absolutely incredible. I liked the original, but I genuinely love this. Fantastic job.

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This table is a beauty.   One of the cooler looking tables for sure.   The table is super straight forward yet no easy feat to finish the build.    Love it.   Thank you!

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Absolutely love this retheme.  This is how this table should have been made on day one by Gotlieb.

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The atmosphere of this table is what makes it special. The Patina combined with the colored lights at the top invoke a feeling of you are actually watching the Metropolis movie updated for the 21st century.  Fun targets and goals keep me playing to finish. 

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Excellent!  So much better than the silly original graphics on the backglass. 

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