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DIY Chime Unit for under $40


Instructions for how to build a DIY chime unit.

I built a 3-chime unit using two different brands of doorbells purchased on Amazon for under $40, total. A few pieces of scrap wood and some miscellaneous hardware are all that are required. This is a pretty easy weekend project that greatly enhances your table if you play EM games. Note: This assumes you already have DOF running and have driver hardware for toys and this is just an additional toy to be connected and configured.
Below is a 26-page pdf file with instructions (lots of photos) and a video of the chime unit in operation so you can see and hear it prior to deciding to build one for yourself.



Instructions:  DIY Chime Unit.pdf




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Nice to see it on a tonebox. Last night I thought about adding the vibraphone option when the game reached levels to add the extras sound. Thanks for posting your contribution.

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looking forward to reading this. i have been wanting to add a chime unit, and i love the DIY best of all. i pulled off a shaker for less then $40.


Thank you for the Tutorial.

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Thanks you works great, discovered whole new world of em tables.  Expanded my pinball adventures to vintage tables with chimes. Thanks, must have toy.


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