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Installing a new 32" LG monitor in the ALP. The model I used is 32GP83B-B.AUS, but I hear that the Freesync and G-sync are pretty identical and should be the same for the tutorial. *Doing this will make all original ALP tables inaccessible. You WILL NOT be able to play the tables that came preinstalled or purchased with the unit.*

I got tired of seeing people showing their new monitor, but no one showed how they did it. most said it was a simple drop in, but I didn't find that the case, and wanted to make sure that my monitor was secured. I have attached a pdf i created showing the steps I did to install a new monitor in the ALP. There is a little modding to be done, which made me nervous, but it was actually quite simple. I hope you find this useful and feel free to share it. If I missed anything, please feel free to comment and I will do my best to fill in anything missing. Enjoy. 


EDIT *Doing this will make ALL original ALP tables inaccessible. You WILL NOT be able to play the tables that came preinstalled or purchased with the unit.*

You will also need the VIBS board and blindly remember how to access VIBS to use backglass unless you replace the backbox with something like this from BuyStuffArcades which make a huge difference in the game and well worth the price. I also used the Controller Board from VirtualPin which works great for me, and don't forget solenoids from clevelandsoftwaredesign. Night and Day difference IMO. 

Monitor Replacement Sharable.pdf





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Awesome. Thanks for this. I wondered how people really did it. I was wondering about outfitting my ALP with all new parts. Do you plan on keeping the ALP operating system in tact so you can still play it , or you replacing all of the parts for VPX and pinup.


I dislike the ALP menu system so much I have considered swapping everything out.


Please consider making notes on the backglass screen too.


If I end up working on it, I am sure I'd have extra questions.



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Yeah, I have gone full pc now. I do have the plunger, and buttons from the alp still installed so I still have to use OTG mode to activate those, but I am looking into replacing those as well. Right now I have a 3 screen setup. I replaced the backbox with one from BuyStuffArcades.com. I also installed the solenoid from Cleveland Software, and have a bass shaker, etc from BuyStuffArcades.com. Im very happy with my setup, just need to get a new control panel for the buttons and plunger and Im done. 

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I have all the things you mentioned except a 4k monitor. I don’t play stock so don’t care about that. 

Worth it to go 4k?

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Not for 32in. I would say get higher refresh rate. At 32in, you wont see much benefit to 4k, but you will at 165hz.

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I have recently gutted my atgames and switching to full pc setup and replacing all innards. 

I replaced the play field with an LG 32GN63T-B 2k 165hz. 

What a pain to get set in properly with the existing bevel, but so worth it in quality. 

I hadn't thought of taking pictures of the process,  but will add some after/ finished shots. Later with details.

I'm really new at all of this,  but am thrilled to read all the great posts and seeing the great work yall are producing. 

Take care. 

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