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 RIGEL 7,  
  An original future pinball table.
 Table rules, 
 Lighting "RIGEL 7" for special at the top kicker, by (hitting targets on the right side),
  ( special lasts for 90 seconds). 
  getting the gold drop targets seven times brings a chance for bonus,
  in the center of the table,
   Also lighting "Centauri" by hitting the star targets under white star  holograms,
 lights a 75 second chance for Bonus multiplier increase, at the topleft kicker, 
 rotospinner gives several small bonus' chances around the table. 
   Multiball happens randomly, you can get two or four balls.
  Replay scores on table card.
 It's a fun table with many holograms.
 ( Some very well made Midi renditions of  Rock and Pop  music were used for background music.) 


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Hi there.  I am not too familiar with how to set up Future Pinball tables.  I was able to get the play field working, but I do not know how to pull up the back glass.  Can you perhaps explain to me (in simple terms), how to do it?  Thanks so much, for your help.  The table is very nice.  Also need the music files, which I see you uploaded again.


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