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Monte Carlo (Premier 1987) (10.7)

This is a hybrid update to the Monte Carlo Premier 1987 that can be found here at https://vpuniverse.com/files/file/5473-gottlieb-monte-carlo-1987-vpx/

All the same credits go out as to that version. This version is a hybrid version and includes four views (desktop, fullscreen, full single screen, and VR. Left magnasave controls LUT settings. There are options that can be set in the script for VR Logo, posters, glass with or without scratches. You can also set the blades from black marble to casino chips. There is an option to set the backglass to NOS or Wildman's awesome alternative backglass. Thanks, Wildman for permissions to use the alternative image (I recommend the alternative B2S which I will link). I updated many things on this table, including work to the roulette wheel, the launcher lane ramp, and much more. My partners on this project are Ahr1man, who added a lot of the VR view stuff and Rawd, who always gives me useful feedback which I try to implement. Thanks go out to the VPW crew for VR room and cabinet things.


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