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Tales of the Arabian Nights 4k Williams 1996

Full rebuild of Totan in Blender, all prerendered for 4K resolution. Thanks to:
Original build by JPSalas in 2015
High res playfield and plastics - Clark Kent
Beta Testing and Table Reference - Randr
DOF - Arngrim
Special thanks: 
Knorr, for sounds from his soundpack
nFozzy, for physics techniques
G5K, for rendering advice
For best performance use these settings:
- use 10.7.x
- no brute-force 4x SSAA (is not necessary), but quality SMAA
- exclusive full screen with 1 for FPS limiter and 1 for maximum prerendered frames
- Ambient occlusion, ball trails, screen space reflections all off
Other remarks:
- magnasave buttons changes the LUT, see script options
- it is advised to keep the POV settings as they are in the download for the full screen mode; all textures have been prerendered for this POV
- day/night slider does not do much (only on lamp and playfield), use LUT to change contrast/brightness


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Hoping you can help!  I am getting really bad ball stutter when I try and play.  I'm using a pretty powerful PC with a RTX3060TI, and I don't have issues with any of the other tables that I know of.  I went in and switch this table to the suggested settings, and I have played with the refresh rate, but nothing seems to fix it.  I'm using a 2k monitor with a high native refresh rate.  I've checked to make sure my drivers are up to date as well.  The table looks BEAUTIFUL, so obviously I REALLY want to be able to play, but the stutter is so bad right not, it's unplayable for me.  I'm all updated with VPX as well.  Seeing that few if any are having this issue with less powerful machines, I have to believe I've done something wrong, but I can't figure it out.   Hoping someone has some things I can try to fix this!  Thanks for your work on this. Most beautiful VPX table I've ever seen!


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