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Dirty Harry (Williams 1995)

You Feeling Lucky Punk?

Dirty Harry has been "cleaned" up a bit for the latest VPX gameplay updates.


* nFozzy physics / sling corrections

* Fleep mechanical and ramp sounds (SSF)

* Dynamic Ball Shadows (thanks Wylte)
* Drop Target Bouncers

* Flupper Domes
* Basic lighting changes to add more contrast / warmer feel.

Gameplay Improvements:

* Ball would often drop SDTM off the right wall if not flipped with the upper flipper. Fixed. 
* Right upper flipper was literally hidden from view from a material setting. Fixed.

Quick History:
The most recent version of Dirty Harry VPX was version 2.0 that was created / scripted  by Knorr with many enhancements since 2016 with Flupper assisting on ramps a killer shiny gun mod that matches the theme of the more shiny flippers and bumper surfaces.

So, about a month ago (on VPChat discord), ashleyb asked if anyone would want to "freshen up" Dirty Harry as they felt like it needed some gameplay updates... I chimed in and said I'd look into it. It was originally a Knorr project and Flupper did some of the most recent work making a killer shiny gun mod.  Flupper was good with updating it so off to the races.

Thanks to the original Williams team listed in the IPDB link for another one of their '90s pins that stand the test of time.

Thanks to the original authors, Knorr and Flupper for a very solid recreation of the Dirty Harry VPX table from previous versions of Visual Pinball.

Thanks to the VPW team and ashleyb for advice, opinions and testing.

Now... Go Ahead and Make Your Day!


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