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While working on the B2S Server, I can see that many of the features are not synced into the DLL version of the solution. So everyone using the DLL version, will not be able to use many of the new features.


Before fixing all this and testing, I would like to know how many actually use the DLL version, rather than the EXE version?


If no one is using the DLL version, it could actually be removed? 


Asking the same question on VPForums, there are signs telling we could maybe remove the DLL version.



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It is always a bit dangerous disabling a feature that has been around a long time in this community. But, for all I know, running it in EXE mode gives you less of a problem and is one of the questions that we ask the new guys if they are having b2s issues. I'm pretty sure I've set it as default years back and never looked back.


I don't see any problems with throwing it out the window as long as the source code is still maintained in a public git repo. You can always go back and recompile it yourself, and you ain't loosing or getting any new features from what it is today. Just make sure the commit contains useful info about the change.

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Yes, of course it has to be made with care. And I hope we should be able to move the repository under the Visual Pinball umbrella maybe?


I actually tried the DLL version yesterday, and my ScreenRes file with background and other nice things just turned ugly.


So if we should keep the DLL version, it will need some love to add the missing features. But if not, we can use the energy for new things 😉

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39 minutes ago, Dazz said:

I've always run B2S in dll mode and never exe. 

Hi Dazz,


do you have your specs what you are using?   2 scr, 3 scr setup?


And it means you are not using any of the newer features like background and so on. Is it not of interest to you?

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