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Found 9 results

  1. A new pre-release build is available. For more information, see the thread with latest results:
  2. The new Backglass Server Wiki is online! Many Informations about installing, setting and all the new features! -> Backglass Server Wiki You should read this first: README FIrst If you want to Update: Update If you want a fresh Install: Installation have fun Tiki
  3. Hey all, I recently upgraded to a third monitor for the DMD. I also recently installed the latest version of B2S. Everything ran great for a week. I use Pinup for the front end. I go to play today and I see the playfield is tiny on my main screen. Strange... I check all my settings, and they are all fine. I restart and that issue gets resolved. I do not know how.. Well, I started a couple tables and then saw no playfield... So I check my settings again. Everything was good. Main monitor set, checked screenres.txt and nothing changed there. So I check one more thing... screenres identifier app. Low and behold no window is where it should be. Backglass was on the DMD screen. Playfield on the Backglass. So I fixed that. Then started pinup and tried a table. Finally everything is back to normal. Until I tried another table and the same thing happened! So I go back to check the identifier app again but this time its all where it should be. At this point I am ready to give up. Reinstalling crossed my mind. Then I thought of all the work I put into this cabinet and said NO! lol. I restarted the pc and then tried a table. Playfield on backglass. So I launched VPX and loaded a table. then went into settings to see any issues. excited the game. Then launched and it was all back to normal. I am loosing my mind on this. Has anyone had this issue? Is this a B2S server issue? VPX? I hope someone has gone through this.
  4. Hi For some reason my only non-working pup pack is The Addams Family (TV Version) which if I load up in the PuP Editor looks good and I can fire individual events OK but when I play the game it doesn't load anything except the (external) DMD on screen 2. Batman 66 is fine and so is Deadpool. I did notice that in the options for the B2S server I have Activate Plugins checked but the button on the right (Plugin Settings) is greyed out. Any pointers would be much appreciated, thanks!
  5. I am testing the "Small Button Option" on directb2s settings together with a screenres.txt file. It seems to me as the directb2s is rather put "on-top" now even if I turn it of in the settings. So when I use my directb2s together with pup videos, the videos are drawn behind the directb2s. Has anyone similar problems, or maybe a solution to this?
  6. Hello, I've just completely re-installed my pincab and moved my tables to the new machine. However I miss all the backglass settings and if I can avoid to re-do one by one 200 tables or more I'd be a happy man... Is there a way to apply the same settings on all backglass files ? (I want grill , dmd and B2S dmd "hidden") Thanks a lot !
  7. I wanted to test to add some new features to the B2S Server. Does anyone have a hint what is needed to compile it? I am new to VBA and C#, but wanted to give it a try. Is Visual Studio 2015 needed? Any hints are very appreciated!
  8. While working on the B2S Server, I can see that many of the features are not synced into the DLL version of the solution. So everyone using the DLL version, will not be able to use many of the new features. Before fixing all this and testing, I would like to know how many actually use the DLL version, rather than the EXE version? If no one is using the DLL version, it could actually be removed? Asking the same question on VPForums, there are signs telling we could maybe remove the DLL version. /Jarr3
  9. Open Table in correct version of Visual Pinball. Do not open a 991 table in VPX or vise versa. In the Visual Pinball Editor click on Scripts... Look for: Set Controller = CreateObject("Vpinmame.controller") and replace with 'Set Controller = CreateObject("Vpinmame.controller") Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server") Save file.
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