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Darth Vader

Darth Vader (3.0),
an original future pinball table,based on Star Wars by George Lucas and 20th Century fox
and Disney films.
Table rules; Lighting, "D.A.R.T.H." and "V.A.D.E.R.", (by hitting targets on the roto spinner or right side),
will light specials in the very top kickerhole.(Special only lasts 90 seconds).
Lighting "J.A.B.B.A." (by hitting star targets(under green target holograms)) will Minus 15000 points .
Hit all six star targets (under blue star holograms ) for a 30 second chance
for 10,000 bonus points at the top of the left ramp.
The "lower right vertical drop targets" can get the bonus multiplier to increase,
(Hitting both "Storm Troopers" in the roto spinner will make that appear).
Replay scores on the table card.
(background music includes some great midi renditions of John Williams Star Wars classics).
(Updated (3.0) version includes some new features and holograms.)


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