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Monster Bash (Williams 1998) VPWmod

Prepare to be mesmerized by semi circular motion!


VPW are proud to present Monster Bash by Williams!


Shortly after helping with the last release of the Skitso mod of this table, Skitso joined VPW, and so this update to the mod has been released by VPW.

Apart from lots of tweaks there's been a big upgrade to the tesla coil flashers so it looks even better now, physics improvements including TargetBouncer, Rubberizer, various flip tricks improvements and dynamic ball shadows.

It also now includes a fully lit VR backlass.


Check the script for lots of options!


VPW Monsters

Project Lead - Skitso
Lighting - Skitso, iaakki
New Tesla Coil Modulated Flashers - iaakki, Leojremimroc
Various Fixes / Tweaks - Rothbauerw, fluffhead35, iaakki, Sixtoe, apophis, Leojremimroc, Flupper
VR Backglass - Leojremimroc
New Wire Ramps - Tomate

Testing - Rik, Pinstratsdan, VPW Team

Based on earlier versions;
Skitso mod by team rothborski - Skitso, Rothbauerw, Bord & thanks to VPW team.
thanks to Tom Tower & Ninuzzu, Unclewilly and Randr for previous versions
thanks to Flupper and Zany for the domes and bumpers

thanks to VPDev Team for the freaking amazing VPX




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I love this teams work so much!

I have an issue with some of your tables though including this one. 

some lights when not lit look completely black. Not sure why. Like a solid black square rather than a dark (but still visible) unlit icon. I have the same problem with cactus canyon which I absolutely love also. 

hopefully you can tell me what I’m doing wrong thanks so much!

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