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Playboy (Stern 2002).directb2S.zip


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Playboy STERN Illuminated.png

File Name: Playboy (Stern 2002).directb2s.zip

File Submitter: Dozer316

File Submitted: 19 Jul 2013

File Category: B2S Backglasses

This is a quick version of Stern's Playboy with a grill 1 quick animation using lamp flare images and some hard wired GI.

I'm not a fan of Stern games and threw this together quickly as the other directb2s specified in the table download didn't seem to work.

Seeing as though the table promised the possibility of seeing boobs in pinball however I thought I'd give it a go and therefore needed a backglass to accompany the table.

If anyone who enjoys purist / original back glass lighting wants to modify the file to be authentic please feel free to download Herweh's excellent designer app and re-upload in dual mode.

There is no need to contact me for permission to mod.


Click here to download this file

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