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Dante's Inferno 1.1

I'll start with thanks

Batch - Thank you very much for agreeing to use the Nemesis table :)

Goldchicco - for good lighting and correcting the script :)

PIN666 - for adding LUT

I present Dante's Inferno :) If someone has not been there yet, he or she has the opportunity to get to know the real hell. This is the Nemesis wonder table modification. You will need music for this, which you can download from the link. The MP3 files must be placed in the Music folder. The table does not have b2s - hope someone will make beautiful black glass. Thanks again to everyone who created hell and to everyone else I can only say - let hell consume you :)

link to music - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hniLM2wO5lbKIPTn4IML3h9i2yGTKd-_?usp=sharing

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