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  1. I am asking for help. I have all your overlays and they work perfectly. I only have a problem with this one - the films go out of the frame. I have tried everything to fix it
  2. Yes. I changed the settings in the script and it is now working properly
  3. Thank you very much for the beautiful table and the time. We have a question. After a while of playing something strange happens to my pup pack - is it supposed to be? Is it my mistake?
  4. Does it work with freezy or just Pin2DMD. I use freeze and play on the desktop and it doesn't look very nice
  5. The table starts but I had to disable use externall Dmd
  6. does not work in VPX 10.7: (Only the clink of coins is heard, but it is not possible to hit the ball and start the game?
  7. The 16 color version does not work with Freeza
  8. after installation, pup pack stopped working - no videos displayed?
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