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Estopa Mod vpx 1.0

I have decided to make this custom mod on the famous Spanish musical group Estopa!.
Thanks to Fireslayer26 for allowing me to work on his mod that I made on his day on the same basis.
It is made on the basis of the Back to the Future table by Cyberpez.
Full playfield graphics change and most of the sounds and effects, plus 10 songs from the musical group are added and included to play with the music.
Several modifiable options in the table script on lighting, balls, flippers, among others...
IMPORTANT! A MODIFIED bttf_a27 ROM has been used (thanks fireslayer26) to eliminate bttf sounds and that it does not affect the mod, MANDATORY to use the rom that is included in the download (rename your original bttf rom to place this and test the table).
When you start the game the music will not start playing automatically, you need to press the right MagnaSave button to start the music, Pressing the left MagnaSave button will stop the music. Pressing the right MagnaSave button while music is playing will skip to the next track.
Put the individual music files in the Music folder of visual pinball.
B2S is also included, I'm working on a b2sdmd to include later.
Thanks again to Fireslayer26,Cyberfish and anyone who has worked on previous versions (sorry if I don't name everyone), all credit to them.
All graphic, musical and other files used are the property of their authors and owners.
I have tried to have fun doing this job without much training and to do it as best as possible within my possibilities, I hope you like it and spend a few hours of fun playing this!!.

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