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Jurassic Parc limited edition

Hi everyone, I'm sharing my last Jurassic park limited edition table based on Stern's table. the table works with a pup pack with the videos of the real pinball machine jurassic stern.

content of the table.


Full Pup Pack

New sounds (be careful, this can scare children)

new light effects


have fun and tell me what you think.

you can modify the music of the pack (audiobgrock directory) as you wish.

good fun and happy new year 2022


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On vpinballx it pops up some error messages. 

1. laser5 has an invalid shape and cannot be rendered

2. Line: 1636 objext required (PuPlayer. LabelInit pBackglass)

3. Line: 1735 Object required (PuPlayer. LabelShowPage bBackglass, 1.0."")


I am running visual pinball x on a windows laptop if this helps. Thank you. 


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