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Fish Tales (Williams 1992) PUP Topper

Videos not showing? Run the TopperMode_xxx.bat file best suited to your topper display.

A topper add-on for Fish Tales that simulates the real table's flapping fish topper with some light fantasy elements (e.g. flashing lights on Game Over). The clips were built in Unreal Engine to take advantage of its cool raytraced lighting and post-processing effects.

Thanks to @Rawd for letting me reuse the art assets from his excellent Fish Tales VR Room, and to everyone in the VP NATION Facebook group who gave their feedback and encouragement during the WIP/Beta phase.


  • Assets are available in 16x9 (standard widescreen) and 3x1 (ribbon) aspect ratios. Run the desired TopperMode_xxx.bat file to load the assets best suited to your display.
  • The videos play mechanical clacking sound from the original topper. If you don't like the sound, set the screen's volume to 0 in the pack editor.




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