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[New VPX Alert]Gridiron - (Gottlieb 1977) NFL Films Tribute

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Gridiron - (Gottlieb 1977) NFL Films Tribute


A fun rEMix to this old classic.

Featuring the music of the legendary Sam Spence

and the voice of NFL Films John Facenda


I reached out to RusstyT with this

idea and he was so  gracious he not

only allowed me to mod his table

he jumped on board and did an awesome

job with all new graphics for the theme.

Just wanted to say thank you to him.


Gridiron - Gottlieb 1977 NFL Films Tribute

Sam Spence - Composer

Ed Sabol - NFL Films Founder


nFozzy physics | music & sound by iDigstuff

Artwork by RusstyT

Thank you to Apophis

Thank you to Loserman76


Based on Loserman 1.0 version and RusstyT mod

Original conversion of Pinuck's VP9 table by Scottacus

Backglass image by Wildman



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