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[New VP10 Hybrid Alert] Alien Poker (Williams 1980)

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Alien Poker (Williams 1980)

Here's a sleeper classic for you: Alien Poker. A great game without the notoriety of Black Knight, Centaur or other peers of the era.


Download includes new B2S and VPX table w/ optional VR room in the script.


This was built by bord from scratch in Blender using resources from rgarriott, plastic images tweaked by onevox, VR room added by unclepaulie, backglass image from hauntfreaks, testing by VPW. PM me if I forgot you. Enjoy!


10.6 required. 10.7 at your peril.

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I'm curious if there's a setting to make some of the under play field lights brighter? I scanned over the script and didn't see anything stand out. Is it possible to alter settings in there easily to make some brighter? In particular the lower green playfield lights are pretty dim. Thanks for this amazingly beautiful table guys.

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