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  1. Thanks, @VALIS. Very thoughtful of you! I've always loved Sky-Line and the closing elevator doors. Very similar to Cross Town's backglass animation. Mayfair is also a game that really interests me. Let me know if you're ever doing a shop job on those and maybe we can get some scans or detailed photos. Nice collection of games, BTW.
  2. Recently discovered in the Gottlieb vaults - The official Fashion Show pitch meeting minutes from Nov. 13, 1961: "Boss, the boys are worried that women will start liking pinball and they'll stop staying home and ironing our shirts for us." "Neyens, what do you suggest we do?" "Let's make a pinball with a theme they'll really like..." "Yes?" "...and make the game so abysmally difficult those dames will swear off pinball for life and go back to making us dinner." "I LOVE IT!"
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a fun EM from 1962 with a rotating score disc, a cascading skill shot, a Jackie O. lookalike, and one of the widest flipper gaps you've ever seen. I modeled and textured this game back in 2019 shortly after @miguelcerca uploaded his scanned resources for the game to vpinball (RIP). It sat unloved in a corner of my harddrive until a few weeks ago when @scottacus said he was available to do some scripting. I sent it over and he brought it to life! Download includes the B2S There is an option to switch to auto ball lift at line 52 of the script Hold le
  4. @BrandonLaw, gotta say it is good to know you're here but also I miss your signature line. Always made my day.
  5. I don't know what the point of those videos was. They aren't instructional, really. I think I was just trying to find some structure early in the pandemic. Hopefully someone can get some ideas from them, at least. But learning Blender is a good skill for anyone. I picked it up on a whim in 2018 with zero prior experience and it has been a really fun thing to explore. I've used it to produce motion graphics, school projects w/ my kids, VP games, models for 3D printing, special effects shots, physics simulation, product mock-ups, etc. Unbelievable that it is free software.
  6. Nice to see this again. Always really enjoyed it!
  7. Scott, you're going to get that list done just in time to convert them all to VPE scripted with MPF...
  8. It is on the agenda. @Onevox is redrawing the art. @scottacus and I have a few other projects to get to first, but it will happen.
  9. I had HOs growing up. But dang, there is something really cool about the Z scale stuff.
  10. Oh man, my grandpa gave me one of those when I was a kid. Smoker never worked properly but I remember every detail. Wish I had the space and cash and time to do model railroading. So cool.
  11. Pretty sure this is the entire future of vpuniverse. One giant freeform thread. Forum jazz at its finest.
  12. Sounds awesome. Makes sense that pinball guys would gravitate toward this stuff, right?
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