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  1. Then use magnasave keys to cycle VR rooms.
  2. I remember working on this project and it felt like I was building three different pinball machines. They packed so much into this game. Roller Disco is the only other System 1 widebody.
  3. Version 2.0.0


    Genie / IPD No. 997 / October, 1979 / 4 Players Credits: VPX by bord, rothbauerw VR Rooms - TOTAN by Flupper, 360 added by Rajo Joey, Minimal added by Rajo Joey VR Cabinet - Rajo Joey, rothbauerw VR/Backglass - Backglass by blacksad, converted by rothbauerw art scans by Jon Osborne Genie is a terrific Gottlieb widebody with beautiful artwork. The origins of this project go back a couple years. It was a lot of fun to work with rothbauerw and I think the game came out great. Rothbauerw gave it new life in 2022 by updating the physics, sounds, and adding VR and FSS compatibility. Game options for (3!) VR Rooms, Cabinet Mode, Operator Post Positions, Chimes and more are at the top of the script.
  4. This turned out awesome, just like every one of your projects. Really a treat to get to play this one. Thank you.
  5. It's in the VIP section of the site. It isn't a complete or supported project, just a mod I messed with for a while. Not a proper project worth a formal upload. No intention of releasing it. If you aren't a VIP just use Fren's. It is fine.
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