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Crisis On Pinfinite Earths (46-32X15.6) Analog Plunger


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Don't know if you checked this already, but make sure your leaf switches have the gold points (solid state models) instead of the old carbon ones. The older style will play hell with your electronics if they spark and conversely, will miss strokes if under powered. 

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After my initial effort was commented on by the chat room...


Yeah well hell with you guys you wouldn't know...(breathe)  ....  (breathe).....


...It was suggested politely that I upload my ideas for my cabinet side art to the board and solicit suggestions.


Attached are my idea and the component files I used to make it.


The large poster is one of my favorite pieces of art and I would like it mostly unadulterated.  In addition to the DC logo and the name of the cabinet logo, feel free to grab any other DC superhero graphics you think would complement your idea.


If I go with any of the ideas, some liquid refreshment might be coming your way.




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Have some down time tonight and am far behind on pictures. Here's some build updates.

Here's the cabinet with legs on and backbox, The fan is attached to the top as well as the retina burner (patent pending).

This light is blindingly bright.


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Kudos to Lucian for his help in fabricating the graphics. In the end, I ended up going with a local vendor for printing and bought my own laminate to achieve the color and gloss level I wanted. In the end they came out looking great. Thanks to Osprey for making the Crisis logo in a vector format I could use.

As any one in chat knows, these took a LONG TIME to get as I wanted them. I think it was worth the wait.


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Good bye to the bare black painted sides. Hello to every DC superhero being published in 1986.

I was really worried about applying these decals. Electrical and software work are my forte. Anything artistic is not.

The art came out great and these vinyls are really easy to work with. It IS a 2 man job for decals of this size, but they did exactly what they were supposed to do. Thanks again to Lucian and Osprey for their application videos. I went with the "dry application" method.





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So, the last (hopefully) glitch to work out is an electrical noise issue.  Darn embarrassing to end up with one of those!


The fan is contactor controlled on and off, and when turned off, is causing a large ac noise issue.  A back emf problem I would expect on the switching line, but this indeed affects the ac line.  Interestingly, while troubleshooting to see how much current the fan drew (not a lot 1.25A or so) I had my Kill-a-Watt connected to this circuit and the problem vanished.  My assumption is the Kill-a-Watt has a small ac line filter in it that was stopping the noise.


I've purchased a small line ac line noise filter for this circuit and will give it a try when I get back.


The retina burner (also AC powered)  draws about 6A but since it is not an inductive load, experiences little switching noise.

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As a quick update, the noise issue was first band-aided with help from Rascal and then finally found.


Rascal suggested putting a surge suppressor on the line which was much easier to install than the ac line noise filter I had purchased.  It worked.


That still left me wondering what the SOURCE of the noise had been.  The contactors SHOULD be making fairly clean openings and closing and not chattering.


Then noise turned up elsewhere in the cabinet, in one of the solenoids.   After some digging the culprit was found.  A bug in the LEDWiz firmware!!  The documentation reads as though the PWM outputs have a range of 0-48.  Emails with Groovy Game Gear and some past online thread confirm that actually it is 0-49, with 48 still being off for part of the cycle.   This is causing all the toys that should just be "ON" to actually be switching on and off frequently. (Think flipper holds, strobe on, etc.)  For the most part the toys behave OK, but it can cause random lockups and certainly is stressing the components more than they need to be.


For now, I can modify my table DOF profiles to use a 49 value instead of 48, but I hope to get the DOF configure tool updated to use "49" instead of "48".


Edit:  This has nothing to do with the configure tool.


DOF itself scales LEDWiz values to 0-48.  With that being the case, no value in the config tool would fix this. 


Swisslizard has already identified and updated the potion of DOF which will fix this and will be released soon.

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