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  1. Anyone using The R51 version should download the latest (and hopefully final) R54 firmware from my site. Fairly confident that I plugged all the holes in theprevious couple of versions.
  2. Cross posting to increase awareness .... Link to the firmware is available on the mainpage of my site....... www.zebsboards.com zebsboards V4 R51 September 2021 V4R5.1_Expansion_16bit Compatibility - All V3 plungers in existence Changelog: Pinball input control software written and developed by Zeb (Steve Ridgley) http://www.zebsboards.com ************************************************************************************************************************************* Tested on very little with the high possibility that it may work under Visual Pinball, PBFX2, TPA, PinMame and Future Pinball Written and developed under the influence; specifically beer. Recompling is unnecessary for making it work.. compiles everytime....doesn't mean it works. ************************************************************************************************************************************* V4Rev5.1_September 2021 Revision Plunger Serial Number V4R5109072021HB (as identified in Plunger USB Properties) Revisions to software include: - Added support for i2c accelerometer, onboard calibration switch (V4R5+ plungers only-coming soon), I/O expansion, future configuration utility software - Changed accelerometer reporting to 16bit resolution from 8bit for greater response range - Revised Gain Adjustment values and routine for greater range and better reporting - Revised auto centering routine to work in conjunction with gain adjustment eliminating any offset at rest - Keyboard mode now works in conjunction with Gamepad mode for easier visual confirmation of button presses, Gamepad only mode still available - Moved TILT button to Button 17 and linked external input capability for tilt bobs - Added support for 2 x I/O i2c expanders (32 button inputs total) - expanders available soon - Added TILT Enable/Disable by serial command ('T' - enables/disables based on previous state) - Reformatted serial commands to single character ('G' - gamepad, 'K' - keyboard, 'A' - analog mode, 'D' - digital mode, 'T' - Tilt Enable/Disable) - Added 2x D-pads to report to allow for native joystick control - requires I/O expansion board - Added infrastructure for future external button/key assignment through serial transmission - software based configuration utility - Added firmware based detection and selection of existing hardware
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  4. Here's a functioning version that supports FTDI, Ultimarc, LedWiz, Pinscape, and Zebsboards output controllers. Minimal testing here so far but no issues that I can see. DOFSlaveR2.zip
  5. When it goes out of control like that it usually means that the ground on the speed control input is missing. Check that the terminal screw or ground wire hasn't come loose.
  6. Nope. that one's a replacement cab for an actual machine.
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    Lovin' the dust bunnies under it....reminds me of mine...
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