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[New B2S Alert] Theatre of Magic (Bally 1995) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s


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Theatre of Magic (Bally 1995) 2 & 3 screens directb2s b2s db2s

RE-UPLOAD from Vpinball.com [ 02/01/2021 ]

• Full rebuild from scratch

• 2 Versions : 2560 x 2048 px OR 1280 x 1024 px

• For 2 and 3 screens

• Placement of the bulbs like the authentic

• Respecting the authentic ROM ID addressing.
• 2 images by flasher ! (more realistic flashing effect)
• Photoshop lighting

• New Grill redraw


Special thank to all the VP tables authors and VPX developpers).




Disclaimer :
Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author.

Please respect our hobby and keep it free. 💖



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