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[New VPX Alert]Gridiron Graphics and Sound mod

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Gridiron Graphics and Sound mod

This is a playfield graphics and sound mod to loserman76's gridiron table. Thankyou and credit to him for reproducing this interesting 4 flipper Gottleib game from 1977. Ive blended old and new images and I like the way the plastics, Scottacus'sBackglass and the modified apron blend with the new playfield graphics. Sound mods include Rolling ball adjusted to -13dB, vari target and target sounds added, rubber post and flipper sounds added.

I did this mod primarily for myself as it was one of the few games I played as a kid and it is very kind of loser man 76 to make it available for others to enjoy. This table was made in VPX7.




This is loserman76's original post info


Gridiron - Gottlieb 1977
Original conversion of Pinuck's VP9 table by Scottacus
Backglass image by Wildman
Images culled from the internet
This is Gottlieb's re-do of Pro Football. Pretty much the same table, but now it is 2 player and the outlanes will always score a touchdown even if the score motor is running (a flaw that the Gottlieb designer of this table corrected when he redid it).
Unique thing about this table - match is based on last 3 digits. I don't believe Gottlieb ever did this prior with their tables.
My table is a complete rebuild of the table. Prior tables were used to identify scoring and such. You will also note this one has the correct plastics. Prior tables used (incorrectly) Pro Football's plastics.


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