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    Wow! Bringing the Quirky retro Shovel Knight game to life is a blast. The scripting to backglass in this game is incredible. The game plays seamlessly and seeing the clues on the Backglass without a DMD and without a ROM is so smick. I think I can come up with some graphics to make it pop and a sneak preview is shown below. Im currently working out ways to make the change mode light colours more vibrant and give this table some ambiance it deserves. Should be ready to go in a week or so. That's precise Aussie Time. I might get distracted with a BBQ or two.
  1. Ok cheers. Ill have a play around with some graphics and run some ideas by you
  2. This is a very clever and quirky table. it reminds me of a Super Mario type game. Well done mate this is a huge achievement scripting to backglass. Is there any chance of me getting access to the Photoshop files. Id love to tinker with the plastics and table graphics and run some ideas past you. Cheers RusstyT
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