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[New VPVR Alert]VR ROOM Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball (Bally 1991) Minimal v2.5

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VR ROOM Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball (Bally 1991) Minimal v2.5

This is the most recent updated v2.4 table by wrd1972 with the added B2S backglass option.

Option for B2s: Gives an option to use the animated DirectB2S backglass or the VR Version. Change B2Son1= 1 to turn on. Would suggest to have Grill set to "Standard", DMD set to "Hidden" and B2S DMD set to Visible in the B2s Server settings (right click on the back glass when table is running on desktop to get this).

Also make sure "Disable B2S" is unchecked, and "Capture Backglass/PUI" is checked in Preferences -> Configure Keys, Nudge and DOF.

VPX Table by: wrd1972

Additional VR tweaks and lighting by: Sixtoe.


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