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[New VPVR Alert]Batman Forever Minimal VR Room (Sega 1995)

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Batman Forever Minimal VR Room (Sega 1995)

Minimal VR Room for Batman Forever by Sega, a generally underrated Sega pinball (aren't they all) and one of their best, loads of toys and things to do and pretty fast, and that massive DMD (you need the latest vpinmame to make it run full speed and sort out the DMD bugs, if you see something wrong then it probably needs updating!).

Original VP9 version by mfuegemann, VPX conversion by Deval, mod by Bigus1.

VR Conversion, mods and fixes by Sixtoe. This one wasn't too bad to convert once you wrap your head around the way it's built (early vp9, walls for wires etc.) but still required adding some missing gates, replacing the plunger, sorting out the plastics and the normal VR lighting surgery, but I enjoyed it as I spent a while with this game trying to help test/bugfix it in vpinmame :)



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