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[New B2S Alert] Dracula(Stern)(1979)


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Here is my question. I am using the latest VPMame and when I test the rom in VPMame I can insert coins. I then went to the script in the game and changed to the "dracula" rom setting but when I try to insert coins nothing happens. If I go back to VPMame and do a test and insert a bunch of coins and then go back to the game I can start the game but then if I try to insert more coins using "5" key all it does is add score to the game. How do I correct this?

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The keys are defined in the stern.vbs file -- so only a stern table might cause this issue for you.

Edit the stern.vbs file and determine which one works for you. 

.. first does the game actually add credits to the backglass?

if not .. try making these all swCoin1,  then try swCoin2, then try swCoin3 -- see which one puts credits in the game.

            Case keyInsertCoin1  vpmTimer.AddTimer 750,"vpmTimer.PulseSw swCoin1'" : Playsound SCoin
            Case keyInsertCoin2  vpmTimer.AddTimer 750,"vpmTimer.PulseSw swCoin2'" : Playsound SCoin
            Case keyInsertCoin3  vpmTimer.AddTimer 750,"vpmTimer.PulseSw swCoin3'" : Playsound SCoin


I dont see how this could be a problem..

            Case StartGameKey    .Switch(swStartButton) = True



Also F2 should show the various keys for vpm .. so you can try the different add credit keys.

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